The jar

The jar

The design of the jar is really simple. The basis is a glass jarr with lid. I punch out a hole in the lid for the power cable. Inside the jar, the cable is connected to a small LED strip controller. The controller has an infrared sensor which allows the user to adjust the color of the LED strip with a remote. I put the controller, the sensor, and about 70-80 cm of RGB LED strip in the jar and close the lid. Finally, I wrap the jar in tracing paper, which is great to diffuse light. The result is a color-adjustable LED lamp that can be controlled remotely.

The placement of the LEDs inside the jar is rather random

Still, one should try to distribute them more or less homogeneously in the jar

Through the tracing paper, a LED easily becomes a fire eye

The lamp can be used either to provide dim lighting or as decoration

The view from the bottom reveals the inside of the jar