Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

According to the carpet of my flat in Darmstadt, you should "Do More Of What Makes You Happy". Rather than a flat, I would call this a room with en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. In any case, for one person it is more than enough. And it is very new. Apparently, I am the first tenant. The decoration shows a lot of love for details. The theme of my flat are stars. Stars are all over the place: on the blanket, on the pillows, on the mugs... The reminder on the carpet is particularly important in a city where the sun is rather absent. I plan to stay in Darmstadt just three weeks, but coming back here reminds me that "je suis un enfant du Sud".

Instead of sheep, I count stars

A welcome frame: "Your place is exactly there, where you are living"

The lamp on the ceiling has the shape of a flower... or maybe it is meant to be a star

I am writing this post while sitting on that bar stool

Aside from the mugs with stars, the best thing in the kitchen is the induction plate (!)

Fortunately the room faces the backyard instead of the noisy street

This door leads to a terrace that I share with my neighbor

Even this detail has been taken care of