I use a lot of soap. And by a lot, I mean really a lot. Earlier this year, I was consuming 750 ml of liquid soap every week just for washing my hands. Regardless of how harmful that is for my skin, it also translated into a terrible amount of plastic waste since liquid soap typically comes in plastic containers. Looking for a new soap dispenser, I found a wonderful solution: a foam dispenser, which is filled with 60% water, only 20% soap, and 20% air. Now a 750 ml soap refill lasts for more than a month, which not only cuts massively on plastic waste but is also much cheaper. Now I can wash my hands for only 0.79 €/month, or even less ;-)

Best plastic and money saver ever

Along the same lines, I substituted shower gel with bar soap, which again cuts on both plastic and money. This was a bit more tricky because I really hate when soap bars get soggy after some time on a typical soap bar holder. However, I found out that humanity has a solution to that problem. At my local zero waste shop I found a soap holder made out of some sort of hardened threads that prevent water from accumulating below the soap. My life has a new meaning since then xD I can finally use all of that Aleppo Soap that I had hoarded at home, knowing that I am not only doing something good for the environment but also for my pocket. Double win :D

Yes, I had to cut that soap into smaller pieces before being able to use it

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