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Karaoke remote control in South Korea. Good luck figuring this one out ;-) día 7 horas ago
New post: Birthday Box semanas 1 día ago
Interesting newsletter from Lufthansa. Translated: "Mr. Loch Navarro, the wine and the 'joie de vivre' are waiting… semanas 4 días ago
Slow Motion Dough :D My father mixing the ingredients for Stollen as I try to learn how to replicate it ;-) semanas 1 día ago
New post: El Gran Lago Salado semanas 1 día ago
RT @nexmon_dev: New #nexmon paper received WiNTECH'17 best paper award. semanas 1 día ago
@nexmon_dev Congratulations, very nice talk! I am glad you recorded it! :) — 7 semanas 1 día ago
I had not expected that this would be the slowest queue during a layover at JFK :D semanas 6 días ago
@_lolole ¡Que envidia de viaje! :) Eso sí, espero que lo del cielo sean nubes y no contaminación! — 9 semanas 56 segs ago
@bwalex First tweet in over six years... It's good to hear from you! :) — 9 semanas 2 días ago