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New post: Eternal Sunset semanas 20 horas ago
@marcwerner Dark but beautiful side ;-) — 12 semanas 1 día ago
New post: Drop the Badge semanas 2 días ago
New post: Glassless semanas 6 días ago
Reflection On a late summer afternoon, the last light of the day quickly disappears behind the trees at Campeon Ca… semanas 5 días ago
New post: Liberation semanas 1 día ago
@sntgmdm Y subiste esa foto? Happy Twittversary ;-) — 22 semanas 1 día ago
@sntgmdm Neutral good, all the time xD — 23 semanas 1 día ago
New post: Geocaching semanas 13 horas ago
New post: Soap semanas 12 horas ago