Julio 2017


I used to write this blog to get rid of sadness. Not that I was particularly sad, but sadness is inevitable from time to time. That was when the Internet was more of an anonymous place used by millions but not billions. In the meantime, I realized that writing some sort of an open diary is not the best idea. One often does not dare to call things by their names because anyone could read it, and thus ends up writing vague posts. I hate vague posts. Either write it all or do not write at all. A few years ago, I finally learned that a much better way to cheer up is to do things one likes. Such as a walk in the park with the camera :) And no one gets annoyed by useless vagueness!

At sunset, the park Juan Pablo II is tinted in pink colors

An Archimedes' Screw pulls water out of the lake

A water wheel in motion next to the Archimedes' Screw

The woody lion does not seem to be too dangerous

An interactive metallic chart explains bird migration from Asia to Spain

Behind each rotatory panel is the description of a plant that the players have to guess

On the bottom left, the water mill stands still again

The trees and plants were green despite the high summer temperatures