Marzo 2018

Change is good

This is it, I guess. Three years after coming back to Spain, I have again a one-way ticket to Germany. I have hesitated to take this decission, but I believe that change is good. The hardest part is to leave behind the people who have shaped the past three years. I regret not to have found the time to get to know many of them better. I leave with the feeling that I am missing out on extraordinary people from whom I still had many things to learn. A few weeks ago, I organized a farewell event at work. I was amazed at all the love and good wishes from everyone. I am afraid not to have let them know how grateful I am for all their support and affection.

Farewell cake on my last day at IMDEA Networks

This event woke me up from this comforting routine in which we often fall and that sets work, entertainment, and materialism as priorities. However, all of this shrinks to an insignificant stub of nothing when compared to the power of getting to know and learning from the unique people that surround us. My plane has not yet taken off and I already miss them.