Abril 2018


Snow. A lot of it. All around us, everything was white. We had underestimated the hike to Jägerkamp, a summit at 1746 meters near lake Spitzingsee in the Bavarian Prealps. While spring had arrived to Munich at the beginning of April, it had not yet melted the thick layer of snow (~2 to 3 meters) that covered the mountains. The trail was by far not visible, but we followed the frozen footsteps that others had left. The views were breathtaking but we were running out of daylight. In a painfull rush, we managed to reach a road clear of snow in the last minutes of dusk. The relief as we escaped the dangerous snow was enormous. We learned the lesson.

The greenery at the bottom of the picture are not bushes but tree crowns buried in snow

A few hundred meters below the summit, everything looked like spring

Near the summit, one could get a "hiking stamp" but the ink was long dry

The view from the top of Jägerkamp