Mayo 2018


Two months sounded like a lot of time to find an apartment. Well, not in Munich, or at least not to a reasonable price. At one point, I even started meeting the same candidates at the different houses I visited, and we wished each other luck. It is no one's fault that the demand exceeds the offer by far. The good news is that in most cases the offer is on average better than in Madrid. The bad news is that it is very hard to get. Fortunately, the search ended well and just in time before the two months of temporary housing are over. It has been a nice place to stay for the start of my new bavarian adventure :) Before I move out, here a few pictures of my nice but unreasonably expensive flat in trendy Haidhausen:

When I arrived, I was surprised that the kitchen had wooden floor! Now it seems normal :)

The living room is the largest space in the house

All of the rooms face south, where a square with trees allows for a green view

But it was not always green: a comparison when I arrived end of March (bottom) vs. now (top)