Junio 2018

Am Campeon

The office of my new job in Munich is literally in the middle of a park. The nearest train stop is at the edge of the park, which means that I must walk about seven minutes through the park to reach the station. At first I thought this was a disadvantage, but then I realized that otherwise I would never take such a walk on a daily basis. A lake surrounds the office buildings and the trains float past the wide park greenery as if it were toy trains on a model railway. Ducks and gooses live in and around the lake. One can literally see the little ducks grow as weeks pass by. That park is the best refresher one can have after a full day of productive work.

The lake surrounds all of the twelve buildings that form the campus

The sun sets over the train station at the border of the campus

The many paths that cross the park are great for a short walk after lunch on sunny days

A duck swims in the lake as the sun sets behind the clouds