Noviembre 2018

Aerial Tower

During break times at school, I sometimes dreamt of inventions that I would love to become true at some point in time. One of them was a tiny aircraft that I could control remotely and that could fly around the playground. I imagined how it would take off, circle around the buildings, maybe enter one of them via a window, exit via another window, land on the rooftop, and so on. Most importantly, the aircraft would have a small camera that would allow me to see in real-time on the remote control what the tiny pilot would see. At that time, I thought that building such an aircraft may be feasible but that having the camera was definitely just a dream.

The view from the air reveals so many new and exciting perspectives

More than twenty years later, I finally realized that dream. The aircraft I dreamt about turned out to be what we now call a drone, and having a real-time video stream happens to be standard. I had tried a number of affordable drones before but all of them were hard to control and were not even close to my dreams as a school kid. Finally, last week I rented a DJI Mavic Air. The experience was amazing. I did not fly it around my old school buildings as I once had imagined but at a very special location, namely, the Tower of Aschbacherhof. Please find below a short flight summary in gorgeous 4K :)