Diciembre 2019


A lot of stuff. Tons of it. Everywhere. Overflowing shelves. Jam-packed drawers. A cram-full wardrobe. Boxes stacked on top of each other on the floor. Countless old CDs towering up next to where my computer used to be. My old bedroom at my parents is a mess. A myriad of memories overwhelmed me as I entered the room. At the end of a truly joyful year, it felt like an enormous setback. Back to square one. For decades I have hoarded every single memento believing that it would somehow help me in the future. It took me years to realize that it is much better to travel light. That I need to get rid of all that stuff. All we need is inside ourselves.

Need a cable for a technology that died ten years ago?

Curious about the newest games 20 years ago?

Ready to study for that lecture that does not even exist anymore?

Slim and portable: the revolutionary 1.6 Mb floppy disk!