Febrero 2020

Random Lines

We are all very similar, yet so different. We all have a similar human shape, we all have similar feelings, we all have similar needs. And still, every single person lives in a universe of its own. Not better, not worse, but a different universe. We all have our own perspective on things that reveals dimensions that are invisible to others. As part of a small project that I have been working on for ages, I wrote a simple script that generates images with random lines. They all look very similar but, just like us, no two of them are identical. Sometimes the lines are grouped, sometimes they are sparse, sometimes they are parallel, sometimes they converge. They are similar, yet so different.

This image changes every five minutes. Reload the page with Ctrl+F5 to update the image.


Think different. Not more, not less, not better, not worse. Just different. Every day. Routine is comfortable and easy, but also boring and limited. It is not a matter of making today top yesterday. Yesterday was nice. And today is nice as well. But different. A different type of nice. And it is that difference which opens new dimensions. There are an infinite number of dimensions. Visit a new place. Make a new friend. Learn a new word. Eat a new dish. Create a new artwork. In other words, explore. The good news is that there is plenty to discover. The bad news is that a lifetime is not enough to discover it all. Better get started right here and right now. Happy 2020 :)

The valleys in the Alps are immersed in clouds as the sun sets on January 1, 2020