Abril 2020

Cash Flow

This time, I needed more. To be specific, 109.69 € more. Some time ago I made an analysis of the expenses that I had during my first year in Munich. I have now the results for the second year, which show that I spent three cents more per day. While I also saved 14.06% more, I failed my goal of needing less. The figure below shows a side by side comparison of the spending percentage on different areas. The numbers do not include savings. The biggest difference is in housing becasue the first year I got relocation support for a temporary apartment. Taking that into account, I actually spent less on the rest this second year.

Spending for first year (inner circle) and second year (outer circle) in Munich

Specifically, I saved money in traveling and, obviously, relocation costs. I found very interesting that I spent alomost the same money on food, which seems to be really predictable. On a per day basis, I am only a few cents away from the 5.6 €/day on food at home and at work that I observed last year. The next figure shows that I became a loyal Edeka customer, where I spent almost a thousand euros. This made me wonder whether I should sign up for their loyalty program, which would have given me 492 points. However, the minimum to get a prize is 499 points, which buys you some No Brand sunglasses or some pegs. Woo-hoo.

Another year of food at home and at work

Finally, I took a look at how my spending evolved over the year. The figure below shows the percentage of money that I spent every month on some of the most relevant categories. The big orange block is housing, of course. The spending on transport at the end of the year almost vanishes because I started biking to work when I switched jobs. Also, the lockdown starting in March meant a significant increase in food from the supermarket and a clear decrease in ATM cash, which I used to use for lunch at work before the crown hit us. I guess the conclusion is that, as soon as I save some money somewhere, it spills out somewhere else :(