Mayo 2021

Plastic Shock

It is more expensive. No doubt about that. But how much is a better and cleaner environment worth? I feel incredibly lucky to have a zero waste shop within walking distance of my home. Once a month I buy there legumes, rice, spices, and even sweets. I bring my own glass jars and they fill them for me. After that, I often stop by a regular supermarket to buy whatever is missing. And then comes the shock. The plastic shock. It feels awkward to see everything wrapped up in plastic that is to be discarded right after use. It only happens on the days when I come from the zero waste shop. Otherwise, my mind is trained to accept the plastic as "normal".

Half a kilo of lentils in plastic costs 1.79 €, without plastic 2.55 €. That is 0.76 € for nature.


One day, it worked. I had not trained for it in particular. But that day, I took my hands off the handlebar, and it worked. I did not loose balance. I did not fall off the bike. I had tried a few times before, but after a few seconds the bike would become unstable, my heart would skip a beat, and I would clench the handlebar again. And now, it just works. Out of the blue. I would love to say that it is a result of meditation, but I have no way to prove it. Meditation is all about balance and being in the moment. The second my mind wanders and pictures the terrible accident that could be about to happen, the bike drifts off. A fearless mind is a quiet mind.

My old saddle cover: "Life is like riding a bike. You don't fall as long as you keep pedaling"