A strange life

I think I have never loved a character more than Max(ine) Caulfield. I am very late to the party, I know. The game Life is Strange was released over five years ago. It is a game of choices. And Max always has the choice of being a good and empathic person. Of helping the people around her. The game does a magnificent job at conveying the feelings of its characters to a depth I had never seen before. And it shows over and over again that rudeness and bad manners often just hide suffering and fear. As stupid as it may sound, in the end we all just want to be happy, healthy, and safe. All the rest is added drama.

The character of Max is designed in a way that one can immediately identify with her

It is a beautiful game. It has a wonderful soundtrack. The photography is amazing. And the story has captivated me to the point of having to remind me that it is just a game. Worth every minute and cent of it.

All around us

On a first date, I was once asked what I was passionate about. What do I live for? What is that thing that makes me wake up every morning? The feeling was in my mind. It was there, but it was blurry. How could I bring it to the point? In the end, I said "the beauty that is in everything, all around us". In the view that you get hiking in the mountains, in the cover song that you accidentally find on YouTube, in the elegance of a landing plane, in the few lines of that comic sketch on Instagram, in the magnificent plot twist of that computer game, in the perfection of an algorithm, in the design of a piece of furniture. Once I saw it, I could not get it off my mind.

She understood.

And in flowers, of course :) This one was at the Madeira Botanical Garden

Human Doing

"Instead of human beings, we are becoming human doings". This is one of my favorite quotes from the mindfulness challenge that I completed today. For a whole month, I have spent every day at least ten minutes being instead of doing. But not everything is about sitting down in the lotus pose and murmuring om. In fact, I have never done any of that. Along with guided meditation, there is often some form of insight. The kind of wisdom that makes one stop and look at essential things, which we often take for granted, from a different perspective. It is by doing so that meditation can help to free the human being from its own doing traps.

Statue of buda at Dalada Maluva, in the ancient garden-city of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Choose Ease

It felt like falling asleep. I even had a (very) short dream while I fell from the stool onto the kitchen floor. A few moments earlier I had hit my knee with a sharp edge. The shock and the pain made me faint as I took a seat to recover. I fell like a bag of potatoes. And that was the key. If I had been conscious, I would have instinctively tried to ease the fall with my hand. And I would have most likely injured it. But I barely felt any pain. It reminded me of all the things which are much more painful than they would have to, just because of the fear in our brain, for both body and mind. As the saying goes, pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

Not all falls are the same, though ;-) Tower IV on Mount Jaizkibel


I don't mind doing the dishes. Or cleaning the floors. The vacuum cleaner does most of the work anyhow. Also, dusting the little furniture I own is fine. And laundry is not a big deal either. But if there is one thing which is boring and tedious while still unavoidable, it is definitely cleaning the bathroom. So. Damn. Boring. Not even music made it better. Until I found that podcast. A German podcast about history. It works! From Caesar to Apartheid, the Boxer Rebellion, the Treuhand, or Buddha, the podcast talks about everything. And by the end of it, the bathroom is clean and shiny again. Time is as flexible and moldable as we want it to be.

These wireless buddies have become my greatest entertainers