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New post: Robot PSY años 19 semanas ago
@marcwerner That is very true: actually, I am buying a new one now because the old one didn't work as expected :-( — 3 años 20 semanas ago
Minutes after writing on WhatsApp that I catched the flu, Facebook shows for the first time ever on my phone an ad… años 20 semanas ago
Karaoke remote control in South Korea. Good luck figuring this one out ;-) años 22 semanas ago
New post: Birthday Box años 24 semanas ago
Interesting newsletter from Lufthansa. Translated: "Mr. Loch Navarro, the wine and the 'joie de vivre' are waiting… años 25 semanas ago
Slow Motion Dough :D My father mixing the ingredients for Stollen as I try to learn how to replicate it ;-) años 27 semanas ago
New post: El Gran Lago Salado años 28 semanas ago
RT @nexmon_dev: New #nexmon paper received WiNTECH'17 best paper award. años 29 semanas ago
@nexmon_dev Congratulations, very nice talk! I am glad you recorded it! :) — 3 años 29 semanas ago