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Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to park the car in the sun in August in Madrid. This used to be the GPS mount I h… años 38 semanas ago
@sntgmdm ¡Que saludable! :D — 3 años 41 semanas ago
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RT @IMDEA_Networks: Annual Report 2016 released. Our gratitude goes to all those who are contributing to make @IMDEA_Networks a success htt… — 3 años 48 semanas ago
@jiska___ Ihr seid in Rovaniemi?! Ich kann bestätigen: im Weihnachstmann-Dorf gibts eh nicht viel zu sehen :D Auch nicht mit Abstand ;-) — 3 años 48 semanas ago
Because of deadlines, today I literally forgot to have breakfast :( — 3 años 48 semanas ago
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